Our Service Models

At FinAnts we deliver our Solutions through 6 Core Service Models

Ask the Expert Subscription

If you just need somebody to, on an ad-hoc basis, ask some sensible questions, then this is a great model for you.

Through this model we provide our Customers with advice and guidance in response to specific questions and challenges.

As a signed-up Subscription Customer you and your team can raise any FinOps question with us. We confirm it is in our area of expertise and provide you with a fixed price to respond.

Typically efforts are measured in hours. We agree a monthly maximum budget as well as confirm who in your organisation can raise questions with us.

No Cure/No Pay Engagements

When you are not sure if your spend includes Wastage, then why not transfer the risk to us through a No Cure/No Pay Engagement?

We engage on Cost Rescue, Cost Saving and Avoidance assignments and you only pay us if we achieve a net positive result.

After an initial and free of charge Discovery we confirm our ability to execute on a No Cure/No Pay basis and agree the terms of the Engagement with you.

We charge you a time & material rate and/or a percentage of cost saved.

You only pay us when the cost reduction outcomes are equal to or exceed our charges.

Consultative Engagements

A more traditional model that works well for many organisations.

We ensure deliverables or outcomes are clearly defined and agree a budget and change control mechanism. We contract for an outcome and take ownership over specific deliverables within the context of overall Customer led decision making and accountability.

We engage with Customers on a time & material, fixed price or shared benefit basis.

Interim Management Engagements

In this model, we take on Customer Operational roles, with all authority and responsibility that entails.

It is a great model to help you quickly make changes before engaging with your own permanent capability.

Not only do we take ownership over specific deliverables, we are also empowered to make the required decisions.

We become a part of your organisation for a defined period of time: usually between 6 and 18 months.

Build – Run – Transition Engagements

When it is possible to take responsibility over day-to-day Operations on an SLA driven Managed Service basis then we can Build and Run this for a period of time.

We build in the efforts and requirement to Transition back to you and your team as part of the engagement.

This is a great way of becoming FinOps Cost Management confident fast, while gaining early Cost Benefits in the process.

Cloud Cost Managed Service Engagements

When your spend levels do not warrant a dedicated (team of) resources, or if you just want somebody else to take the pain away for you, outsourcing Cloud Cost Management to the FinAnts team makes perfect sense.

When it is possible to take responsibility over day-to-day Operations on an SLA driven Managed Service basis then we can Build and Run this for a period of time.

We agree SLAs, KPIs and Targets that are easily understood and reflect 'Good Cloud Cost Management'.

We design and implement the service with you, and after an initial transition period take full accountability.

No Cure No Pay

No Cure/No Pay

We engage on a ‘No Cure/No Pay’ basis for Cloud Wastage Removal. If we cannot identify and implement cost saving and avoidance opportunities, you owe us nothing.
Why Wait

Why wait?

Taking the first step is always the hardest. Start removing cloud wastage NOW and click here to book a free call with one of our FinOps experts.