Our Day 0, 1, 2 Service Model

We deliver our Services, and every Minimum Loveable Product from our service, through a 3-stage approach:

  1. Day 0 – Discover & Design
  2. Day 1 – Build & Transition
  3. Day 2 – Operate and Evolve.

Day 0 – FinOps Discover & Design

Discovery – Every journey, and every deliverable in that journey, starts with a Discovery exercise. Some journeys end there as the level of savings that can be achieved does not outweigh the cost of achieving them. Our Discovery exercise lays the foundation for subsequent Design activities. We deliver a number of scoped and quantified potential Cost Saving and Avoidance work streams as output from this phase.

Design – We select an initial set of prioritised Cost Savings and Avoidance work streams from Discovery. Work streams are prioritised on a ‘cost – benefit – ease’ basis to ensure we achieve early as possible victory. We kick each off, potentially at different times and aligned to their individual point of readiness, through a Design exercise. When one finishes, another could start again, balancing aspiration against available capacity and ability to change. We deliver Change Packages as ‘Minimal Loveable Products’ and as rounded Designs for Savings and Avoidance, into Build.

Day 1 – FinOps Build & Transition

Build – In the Build phase we create, validate and test proper working of each Minimal Loveable Product. Small scale or Pilot deployments in the ‘life’ environments may be executed. Safeguards and potential rollback strategies are tested and confirmed. A detailed Transition plan is created for full scale deployment. Fully build, tested and documented Change Packages, supported by a Transition Plan, are the key deliverable from this phase.

Transition – This phase focuses on the transition of the Change Packages into Operate, ensuring operational teams are supported and enabled to execute, and on an ongoing basis capitalise on, the identified Savings and Avoidances. The Transition phase is often the most time consuming as it involves changing ‘life’ environments. Through Transition, we deliver actual full-scale achievement of Cost Savings and Avoidances.

Day 2 – FinOps Operate & Evolve

Operate – This is focused on providing a FinOps managed service, where day to day Operate cycles are continuously executed. Where the Day 0 and 1 Services are Deliverable focused, Day 2 Services are Service Level focused. The deliverables are a well-managed, no-surprises, near-0 Wastage Operation of your cloud and associated cost.

Evolve – All clouds develop fast. New saving lessons are learned every day. Providers and their eco-system partners regularly introduce new opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Removing cloud wastage never stops. As part of our Evolve service we re-engage on agreed intervals to ‘critically access’ your progress, share lessons learned and provide new insights. We make it our objective to deliver new Saving and Avoidance opportunities out of each Evolve interaction.