About FinAnts

We are The FinAnts Group, a global partnership of FinOps cloud cost management experts. United under one passion, one brand, one culture and one way of working.

Led by seasoned professionals, we share a passion for removing Cloud Wastage. We help you achieve lowest possible unit cost, enabling you to achieve more with less or pay less for the same.

We have deep expertise and a proven track record in Cloud Financial Management and Optimisation for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Our engagements are with end user organisations, service providers, tool vendors and cloud providers alike.

We can do this with you or for you. We ideally transfer our knowledge into your team and make you FinOps confident and independent.

Most importantly, whoever you are, we treat your money as our money.

Our sense of achievement comes from helping you free up money from Cloud Wastage and channel it into value added services. This will help you accelerate your business through digital and cloud enabled transformation.

We identify two ways to reduce Cloud Wastage: through cost savings and cost avoidance. Making cost savings is a central function focused on achieving lowest rates. Cost avoidance is best executed at the edge of the enterprise, achieving lower usage. Furthermore, we enable this without losing the benefits of agility, speed and innovation.

Our practitioners are FinOps Certified and are a member of the FinOps Foundation. We have partnerships with a number of leading Cloud Cost Management tool providers. For some of those we act as Reseller.

There are a number of models we engage in. From only providing advice and guidance to members of your teams, to a fully outsourced and managed FinOps service.

We can act as an agent of change only, or engage on a Design – Build – Transition Model.

We work the way that makes most sense to you. What makes sense today may change tomorrow. Therefore, we are flexible in our approach, allowing you to scale up or down to your requirements.

And we never lose sight of the need to add a net positive to you and your teams. That’s why we are On a Mission to Remove Cloud Wastage.

Remote Working If We Can

The Founders of FinAnts have been working in a predominantly remote model for the last 15+ years: it is in our genes.

For us, remote working enables higher productivity with lower wastage of resource time and travel cost.

It reduces assignment costs by 10 – 30% as a result. As an added benefit, it is good for the environment as less travel means less pollution.

However we do understand the value of face-to-face interaction. In particular when new relationships emerge or teams need to form, norm and storm around new concepts.

And as a customer centric organisation, we are led by the preferences and requirements of our customers. We adapt ourselves to the preference of our customers. If your culture is to be on site, then we follow your lead.

Therefore our guiding principle is: We Are Remote If We Can, On-Site If We Must.

No Cure No Pay

No Cure/No Pay

We engage on a ‘No Cure/No Pay’ basis for Cloud Wastage Removal. If we cannot identify and implement cost saving and avoidance opportunities, you owe us nothing.
Why Wait

Why wait?

Taking the first step is always the hardest. Start removing cloud wastage NOW and click here to book a free call with one of our FinOps experts.