What We Do

At FinAnts, we are on a Mission to help our customers Remove Cloud Wastage.

We have deep expertise and a proven track record in Cloud Financial Management and Optimisation for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

We help customers evolve from Cost Saving and Cost Avoidance towards Maximising Business Value. And become FinOps or Cloud Cost Management confident in the process: faster and in an agile manner.

We can do this with you or for you. We ideally transfer our knowledge into your team and make you FinOps confident and independent.

Our Cloud Cost Optimisation Solutions

What is Cloud Wastage

Cloud Wastage is a natural by-product of change. However, when left untreated it becomes a problem.

Cloud Wastage comes in 4 categories: (1) paying for cloud usage that doesn’t deliver benefits, (2) paying for licenses that are not cloud optimised, (3) cost of inefficient cloud operation and (4) cost of inefficient cloud cost governance.

A journey to Reduce Cloud Wastage starts with the ability to identify it. An ability predicated on experience and insight.

Why Cloud Wastage Is Bad

Why We Do It

We truly detest money being wasted...

...and by reducing your Cloud Wastage you release already committed funds towards accelerating your Business and Digital Transformation.

We help companies implement, optimise and maximise the benefits of FinOps based cost management for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. We facilitate deploying FinOps Skills, Methods, Patterns and Tools. We enable you to become a better aware, more confident, independent and faster evolving FinOps Cloud Cost Management operation.

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What Analysts and Business Leaders Say

Many a CxO worries about their cloud costs. Over 50% believe that poor cloud financial management has a negative impact on their business.

And they are right to do so as on average over 25% and more of cloud cost is due to wastage. This applies equally to clouds managed by in-house teams and third-party service providers.

Gartner has identified that 80% of organisations will overshoot their infrastructure budgets; CxOs fears appear to be founded.

Gartner recommends cloud users to “develop cloud cost management skills and best practices to make cost planning an integral part of their cloud adoption journey”.

Successful business excel in making their money work for them. they enable experimentation to allow their teams to learn.

How much more can you achieve if you turn 25% of your monthly cloud bill into additional cloud specialists and digital transformation projects?

And not just today, but tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, etc.


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The Value of FinOps

FinOps is a new, rapidly growing and powerful body of knowledge. It has its own professional body in the FinOps Foundation. It is build on the experience of  practitioners in all industries and company sizes across the world. It is rapidly developing.

We have in the below table aligned the value of FinOps to the key roles in the organisation. It enables a win – win situation for all involved in the drive to innovate the business faster.

Ultimately the value of FinOps is enabling enterprises to invest more, and with more confidence in the differentiators that innovation on the cloud can bring.

For CxOs

  • Increased Innovation
  • Coherent
  • Common Language
  • KPI Driven

For IT

  • Cost Efficient
  • Accountable
  • Empowered
  • Increased Innovation

For Finance

  • Accurate
  • Compliant
  • Traceable
  • Understood

For Procurement

  • Sourced
  • Governed
  • Optimised
  • Negotiated

For All

  • Collaborative
  • Objective
  • Data Driven

Building Towards a FinOps Desired State

A FinOps Desired State is more than techies fixing problems today. It is about changing the way you think and work: your skills, methods, patterns and tools.

It addresses IT, Finance, Procurement and Leadership. It is about continuous learning and evolving. And perhaps even about changing some parts of your culture and particular collaboration across all teams and functions.

We organise our FinOps work streams along three Core Capabilities or Desired States: Inform, Optimise, Operate.

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No Cure No Pay

No Cure/No Pay

We engage on a ‘No Cure/No Pay’ basis for Cloud Wastage Removal. If we cannot identify and implement cost saving and avoidance opportunities, you owe us nothing.
Why Wait

Why wait?

Taking the first step is always the hardest. Start removing cloud wastage NOW and click here to book a free call with one of our FinOps experts.