An Overview Of Our Core Ways of Working

At FinAnts we have learned that a number of Core Ways of Working help our Customers and us be successful together.

  1. Series of Loosely Coupled Minimum Loveable Products (‘MLPs’) – Changing the way we work, making substantial cost savings and lasting avoidances requires agility to learn and if needed fail fast. In our Ways of Working it consists of a series of Minimum Loveable Products, each developing at their own speed and focus area. Be it of a technical, organisational and behavioural, tool, process or even commercial or legal nature.
  2. Act in Role of Cloud FinOps Controller – Here at FinAnts we do not claim to be deep technical multi-cloud specialists (although our depth of technical knowledge may surprise you). Rather, we take the role of a Cloud FinOps Controller. A Cloud FinOps Controller has a very good understanding of Cloud principles and technologies, paired with a deep understanding around how to manage cloud cost and enable FinOps. A spider in the web with the ability to facilitate based on knowledge and experience.
  3. Enable Lead Technical Team Members – A lot of Cloud Cost Governance can be engineered-in from the start through Cloud Financial Architectures. In the day to day decision making, it is the Technical Teams that have the biggest influence on cost governance. As the Cloud FinOps Controller we build a deep relationship with the Technical teams and ensures they are enabled and are comfortable with ensuring and optimising cost avoidance at ‘the edge of the enterprise’.
  4. Align to Current Maturity Levels – We try not to boil the ocean and use concepts of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (‘CMMi’) to help us understand where we are today, and what we can and want to achieve tomorrow. We help organisations rally around a longer-term change process towards the ultimate end point in maturity.
  5. Create a Learning and Adaptive Environment – We will aim to implement knowledge gathering and sharing into a formal, policy and pattern-based process. We help you understand the need to adapt to new developments – not just once, but ongoing – without losing sight of the need to invest, stabilise and improve in what works today.
  6. Align to Company Culture – Some of the FinOps guiding principles can be in stark contrast with your prevailing company culture. We aim to uncover those contrasts and will seek an honest assessment from senior leaders as to the level of change that can be achieved, and the top down leadership that is required to achieve it.
  7. Remote if we Can, On-Site if we Must – We always aim to operate in a virtual, remote team model. Both as a response to the specific challenging times we live in, and as a recognition that fundamental ways of working have changed. And we save the environment as well as travel time and cost in the process.
  8. Help Create an Ant-Like Culture – We recommend you read our ‘Doing It the (Fin)Ants Way’ page as we believe that to help our journey we can learn from mother nature. And in the case of FinOps for Cloud environments, we can learn a lot from the Ants!