Our Cloud Cost Optimisation Solutions

We centre our Services around 9 Core Cloud Cost Optimisation Solutions:

Rapid Response Cloud Cost Rescue

When you've lost control over your cloud cost, every hour counts in the most literal sense.

Through our Rapid Response offering, we engage within 24 hours to help bring your cloud cost back under control.

Cloud Internal Cost Management (FinOps) Assessment

Over 50% of CxO’s believe that poor cloud financial management negatively impacts their business; CFOs, CIOs and COOs however may not agree on the root cause.

Through this assessment we provide clarity of status, a platform for CxO alignment as well as a baseline plan to help you and your teams move forward.

Cloud Supplier Cost Management (FinOps) Assessment

This assessment focuses on providing an independent validation and insight into the cost management practices at your critical service partners.

It provides you with the knowledge and information to ensure the Services provided to you will be cloud cost optimised.

It ensures your services are Cloud Costs Optimised and provides actionable insights for QBRs and co-operation towards improvement.

Cloud Cost Saving

On average over 25% or more of cloud spend is due to cloud wastage.

If you have not actively explored this area of improvement in your business, than this number is most likely on the - very - conservative side.

We deploy or help you develop skills, methods, patterns and tools to save cost.

We enable you to make what you do today more cost effective without reducing your agility and required outcomes.

Cloud Cost Avoidance

Making cost savings is critical to removing cloud wastage, and avoiding cost is possibly more important.

Through our Cloud Cost Avoidance service, we help you put the guard rails in place to avoid cost of cloud wastage from the start.

Becoming more cost effective through cost avoidance may require change to what you do, and initially can impact agility. We will help you migrate from being reactive and corrective to being proactive and preventative.

Cloud Billing, Cross Charging & Contract Management

Cloud billing, cross charging and contract management is complicated and time consuming.

If spreadsheets still are your pilar and you struggle to keep up, it may be time for a change. We have the knowledge and experience to help you accelerate down that path.

We make it efficient, trustworthy and substantially automated.

FinOps Enablement

The FinOps Foundation provides a growing body of knowledge for Cloud Cost Management. As FinOps Certified Practitioners the FinAnts Group is well positioned to help its customers embrace and exploit the benefits of this capability.

Uniquely we share our lessons learned from other customers. This will enable you to move towards your *FinOps Desired State* across defined FinOps Capabilities: Inform, Optimise and Operate. Faster and with more confidence.

FinOps Training & Learning

FinOps awareness across your teams is a critical enabler for ensuring lowest possible Cloud Wastage and Highest Possible Value Add.

We create training and learning sessions for your teams aligned to their different roles in the end-to-end FinOps process.

FinOps Tool Selection & Implementation

At FinAnts we have used knowledge of the market in combination with our experience to select what we feel are a number of leading Cloud Cost Optimisation Tools.

We help you deploy these as well as other tools of your choice.

We operate a structured discover, design, build and deploy approach and use methods that are most aligned to your way of working: waterfall, agile.

Through this service, we help you accelerate towards best in class Cloud Financial Cost Management and Optimisation.