Our Case Studies

Saving and Avoiding >50% for a Cloud Native

A Cloud Native had outsourced management of its cloud cost to a service provider who had shown little to no active advice and guidance to help reduce and prevent cost.

Helping Service Provider Reduce Customer Cost by 28%

When relationships deteriorated due to lack of cost governance, we helped a Service Provider Reduce Customer Cost by > $75K per Month. And we restored the relationship in the process.

Managing Multi-Million $ MSP Cloud Billing

We have previously managed a multi-million $ MSP Cloud Billing environment across a large number of customers spread across AsiaPac, EMEA and the Americas.

Pre-Migration Azure Contract Optimisation

We engaged with a customer who was planning a typical lift and shift migration from on-premise to Microsoft Azure.
We were asked to deploy step 5 of our Cloud Cost Saving Approach: Contract Optimisation.