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Service Provider Reduced Customer Cost by 28%

The service provider was managing over $300K a month of spend for the customer.

Poor change control and cloud cost governance from both sides resulted in cloud costs substantially ahead of the agreed budget.

Over a period of 7 weeks we achieved 28% of cost saving.

We recognised that through better cloud cost governance substantial savings could be made. We rapidly made cost more transparent across the customer’s agreed budgets by ensuring tagging/labelling of all assets. Amongst others, we created a new budget category and owner for a substantial number of shared (landing zone) assets.

We implemented an improved change control process, ensuring that each change control item reflected all relevant cloud costs, including storage and cloud provider support markup.

We achieved substantial cost savings from an improved backup storage management, ensuring redundant data was removed and a day by day cost increase was stopped.

We helped the decision making around commitments that – due to loss of trust – were not being made. Building a culture of accountability and trust within an organisation is always one of our goals.

Additional significant cost savings were made by enabling customer management of non-production application uptimes.

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