Cloud Native Case Study

Saving and Avoiding >50% for a Cloud Native

A Cloud Native had outsourced management of its cloud costs to a service provider.

The service provider had shown little to no active advice and guidance to help reduce and prevent cloud cost.

Though monthly spend was less than $50K, due to the amount of savings that could be achieved, this was a worthwhile and economically viable exercise for both parties. When we reduce and prevent cloud costs, this opens up spend for adding value where you need it most.

We quickly, in a matter of days, identified a number of simple steps to reduce cost through autoscaling, making longer term commitments and a number of other smaller steps.

More onerous steps were identified that would act as design guidelines for future deployments. Applying these to existing usage, though highly cost effective, was too intrusive to the business and customers. They included the use of a more cost-effective region with no impact on quality of service, designs based on approved Non-Functional Requirements and tagging/labelling for cost optimisation.

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