Building FinOps Desired State

Building Towards a FinOps Desired State

Walter Beek Finants
Walter Beek
FinOps Consultant, CEO FinAnts Europe and The FinAnts Group

A FinOps Desired State is more than techies fixing problems today. It is about changing the way you think and work: your skills, methods, patterns and tools.

FinOps addresses IT, Finance, Procurement and Leadership. A FinOps desired state is about continuous learning and evolving. Perhaps this includes changing some parts of your culture. We organise our FinOps work streams along three FinOps Phases or Desired States: Inform, Optimise and Operate.

We start with 1. Optimise and Drive priorities for 2. Inform and 3. Operate from there.

  • Inform – Provides visibility for all cost, enables real time decision making and provides KPIs and benchmarks. This enables individuals and teams to take accountability. It does so by showing, in near-real time, what they are spending and how they compare. Best of all it shows the impact of their actions on the bill.
  • Optimise – Aimed at cost optimisation through consolidation, workload behaviour, contracts and rates. This FinOps Desired state empowers teams to use the information to identify, implement and measure efficiency optimisations. Goals are set and aligned with each team’s area of focus and accountability for the end to end outcome.
  • Operate – Ensures processes that make the goals of IT, finance, and business achievable. New initiatives are optimised from the onset, decisions are made and plans are aligned to business objectives.

It is essential to deploy tools and automation to enable these processes to perform in a reliable and repeatable manner.

We have published a more in-depth E-Book on this topic that you can request here.

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